Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Manufactured Homes

The PEP staff has had direct involvement with the purchase of over $65 million in loans.

The staff is bank trained in all areas of compliance, document preparation and credit risk. PEP has a superb customer service and collection staff that has an average of 20+ years experience.

Yes. We offer auto debit of recurring payments, EPay for processing the receipt of immediate phone payments and automated statement and collection letter creation. Past due accounts are tracked in a collector queue for maximum results.

PEP funds new inventory as well as the sales of existing manufactured home units located in communities throughout the U.S.

No. PEP works with community owners that sell quality products so the age of a home is not an issue and will not limit the term.

By analyzing a person’s past credit history, ability to repay, and patterns of previous credit payments.

PEP specializes in units located in manufactured home communities and at this time does not finance land owned units.